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Residents and businesses in the Waban, MA community have been relying on the expert services of Garage Door & Opener Repairs for years. We have the highest reputation for quality workmanship, superior materials and a complete range of garage door services. Our skilled technicians have the expertise and experience to install, repair and replace just about every type of garage door on the market. Our customers appreciate that we do our work reliably, safely, affordably and professionally.

Garage doors do more than protect your car and possessions. They are a major gateway to your home or business. How they look reflects your taste. They are also one of the principle ways you assure security at your home or business. Here at Garage Door & Opener Repairs, we make it our focus to ensure that all the doors we install and repair work properly and efficiently when we are through. We make sure that they can keep your building, possessions and vehicles safe.

Our Professional Staff

Our staff at Garage Door & Opener Repairs is professional, skilled, highly trained and experienced. They take enormous pride in doing the job right the first time. Our customers see that and tell us how much they recognize the quality of our work. Their satisfaction has given us a reputation for quality workmanship and dependability. We hire only trained technicians who have experience in the specialized field of garage door installation and repair.

That alone sets us apart from our competitors in Waban, MA, who often hire untrained and unqualified carpenters with little or no experience. Our crews, composed of journeymen garage door installers, are trained and competent with a wide range of garage door services. The team at Garage Door & Opener Repairs can handle any type of repair or maintenance issues that you encounter.

Many do-it-yourselfers want to save money by doing the work on their garage doors by themselves. It is actually the least cost- and time-effective way to deal with garage door problems. These doors look straightforward but they are actually highly complex mechanisms with many moving parts. Doing the job yourself can lead to further damage, greater cost and even danger from heavy doors falling or springs releasing.

Stay safe by working with our crew of professionals. At Garage Door & Opener Repairs, we get the job done quickly and properly the first time. We come to the job site with all the tools and parts we need to get your doors fixed. Our crew will immediately get to work so your door is fixed as quickly as possible and you can get on with your busy day.

Ready for Anything

Garage Door & Opener Repairs Waban, MA 617-858-5752Whatever happens to your garage door, we are ready to fix it. We offer a wide range of auxiliary garage door parts and lift mechanisms, made by reputable part makers. We also have a supply of typical garage door accessories and upgrades, including remotes, door struts, monitors, receivers and stock brackets. Whatever is required to keep your garage door in top working condition, we can supply it.

At Garage Door & Opener Repairs, we have long experience working on all types of problems. Every door eventually will need some type of maintenance or repair work done. We know how essential it is to keep an eye on locks that are stuck or broken. With our tools and know-how, we can easily create emergency keys for you, perfect for when a lockout keeps you away from your vehicle. Don’t destroy or damage your garage structure or possessions trying to gain access if that happens. Just call the professionals at Garage Door & Opener Repairs. We have the tools and experience to get you back into your garage quickly. We carry all the parts with us that we need to do the job.

We Provide Emergency Garage Door Belt Repair in the following zip codes.